The co-op spa - cultivating small business success

Vera Massage & Day Spa is operated by an amazing group of female small business owners!

Vera Massage & Day Spa is a full service spa, offering both therapeutic and relaxing massages, as well as beauty and skin treatments, acupuncture, and microblading services. Using only the finest products and most holistic of practices, we aim to make our clients happier, healthier, and confident!



Hannah Listle, LMT / ReNew You Beauty


My practice is very client-centered and sounds just like what it is – a massage practice that goes beyond the generic to address the specifics of what has brought the client in the door in search of massage therapy. It means the massage therapist listens well during the intake and designs the session accordingly. The massage should demonstrate to the client that they have been heard.

I specialize in deep tissue work, however I do not believe in causing pain, or “stress” to the muscle in order to achieve a therapeutic effect, nor do I believe it is necessary. I feel it is important to address the whole person during a treatment. 

Holistic massage is a well-known treatment that not only focusses on tense muscles as a physical result of stress, but it also takes into account a client’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

While I was in massage school, I mentored with an acupuncturist on Chinese cupping techniques, which have since become an essential part of my therapeutic style of work to this day, along with other massage styles and tools hailing from Asia. 

Massage truly is a practice and I love how mine has evolved and allowed me to help so many individuals with a unique approach to massage, whether the client is in need of relaxation or therapeutic work. I look forward to many more years in this amazing field! 

Joyce Mitchell, Licensed Esthetician / Holistic Skincare


I have practiced aesthetics and massage therapy since 2001. I received training and was licensed in Los Angeles, California, at the Institute of Holistic Studies. I practiced at a small day spa for a few years until moving to Lansing, Michigan, where I opened my own spa. In 2009, I moved to Poulsbo and took a couple years off to spend more time with my family. I was excited to open up my practice, Holistic Skin Care, in May of 2014.

I incorporate a significant amount of massage into my facials, allowing not only the benefits from the steam, products and essential oils used, but also the release of muscle tension, stress reduction and lymphatic drainage that come from massage.

The use of the purest of products and essential oils combined with my therapeutic and restorative treatments promote proper organ function, detoxification and overall stress reduction, bringing the spirit, soul and body back to balance.

Haley Douglas, LMT / Orthopedic Bodywork & Thai Massage Specialties


My interest in bodywork started at a young age when I became obsessed with ballet. As I found new ways to stress my body I was led to massage as a way to mend it. Over the years I gave up dance and took up interest in other physical endeavors, such as organic farming, backpacking and yoga.

Eventually it all came together as a career and I chose to attend the licensing program at Port Townsend School of Massage. Because of the wonderful benefits I had personally felt from therapeutic massage, I decided to further my education after graduation and pursued an Advanced Certificate for Orthopedic Massage. Orthopedic Massage involves therapeutic assessment to determine how to most effectively treat the client’s pain and structural imbalances. During treatment, soft tissues are manipulated to reduce pain and dysfunction.

Restoring structural balance throughout the body helps to both prevent and rehabilitate muscular and fascial dysfunctions.

My technique combines relaxing massage modalities with deep therapeutic work that focuses on posture and myofascial balancing. My aim is for you to leave feeling relaxed, balanced and excited about your wellbeing. I look forward to meeting you!

Mikah Parkinson, LMT / Chinese Cupping, Trigger Point, and Relaxation Massage Specialties


Massage therapy was always the correct career choice for me, I lost my father at a very young age and through that experience I became a natural caretaker. For as long as I can remember I have always felt this drive to make other individuals lives easier, to comfort them when suffering. My mission is to support individuals in achieving life balance through personal wellness. I am a firm believer in the inseparable connection between body/mind, I’m a proponent of bodywork for relieving physical as well as emotional stress, and I strongly believe massage is viable modality for enhancing overall health and well-being. I have studied several modalities of massage therapy, some of which include: Swedish massage, deep tissue, acupressure, prenatal and Asian bodywork. I’m also passionate about essential oils and their ability to increase the therapeutic benefits of massage. I employ them in order to bring my patients into a calm and strong space where healing is mutually facilitated. I combine a strong anatomical education with intuition and awareness of my patients’ physical and emotional states of being. Priding myself on working through the stress accumulated in the body, making space for an emotional release as well as physical rejuvenation. 

Sydney Mitchell, Licensed Esthetician / Holistic Skincare


Although I am relatively new to the field of esthetics, having recently graduated from KC Academy in Los Angeles, my fascination with health has been a lifelong journey.


I was raised by a physician and an esthetician, thus the dinner-topic was almost always centered around some facet of health, be it internal or external. Then in my late teens, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which pushed me to begin studying Holistic remedies on my own, in a quest to restore my physiological balance. My mother had recently joined Vera at the time, and she introduced me to the Eminence Skin Care line, which not only cleared my hormonally induced acne, but also fed my desire to learn about all things natural. I was amazed by the effectiveness of the products she used, and the joy and healing she was able to give to her clients. I knew I wanted to be able to gift that same healing to others, so beginning my training in esthetics was an exciting decision, and a perfect fit.


During my esthetics schooling, I devoted my evenings and weekends to studying Yin Yoga and obtaining my Yin Teacher Certification. Yin is an ancient practice deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic healing, focusing on the meridians of the body (fascia connections) as the source of both our energy and our pain. I found profound mental and physical relief in my practice, and came to incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts into my facial massage technique, using acupressure and lymphatic drainage to bring relaxation and peace to my clients. As an esthetician, I am honored to share the principles and products that have changed my life with my clients.


Michele Fujii, Acupuncturist & Dr. of Trad. Chinese Medicine / Fujii Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine


My goal is to help as many people as possible become healthy, stay healthy and live healthy lifestyles by providing high-quality individualized healthcare. I commit to always putting the needs of each patient first by providing any and all care necessary and by collaborating with other healthcare professionals.

I promise to provide a professional, safe, caring and supportive environment for every patient and their families. *It is the policy of Fujii Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine to treat all patients and not to discriminate with regard to disability, race, color, religion (creed), national origin (ancestry), age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.